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Who is GrowWell TN

Healthier Families, Stronger Communities, Brighter Futures.

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Self-Management Classes

Self Management classes provide education on the management of chronic conditions as well as opportunities to get involved with the community.

Classes we offer:
- Living Well with Chronic Conditions
- Take Charge of Your Diabetes

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RN Health Education

Our RN Health Education program provides one-on-one health counseling at schools for children at risk of chronic health issues.

Check out our video series on the power of 85210 by clicking the Learn More button below!

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Le Bonheur Mobile Unit Screenings

The Le Bonheur Mobile Unit brings pediatric health services to local schools, to provide health care to underinsured and uninsured children.

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Health Screenings & Fairs

There are a number of Health Fairs taking place in the counties that we serve.

Depending on the Health fair, GrowWell provides information about health programs, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol tests for free.

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Care Navigation

Providing care after the hospital.

If you have a chronic health condition, it can be harder to recover after leaving the hospital. The HCMC Care Navigator is dedicated to helping you make that transition back home through patient follow-up phone calls and serving as a liaison between you, your provider, and healthcare team.

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Pharmacy Assistance

Can’t afford your pharmaceuticals? We can help.

GrowWell works with your local healthcare provider and pharmaceutical companies to provide your medications at a reduced cost or possibly no cost.

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Chronic Disease Management

Chronic disease care for adults.

GrowWell provides coordination of health services and health education to improve the health of adults with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure or stroke.

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Who We Are

Our goal at GrowWell is to better the quality of life for West Tennesseans through better disease management and prevention. We provide health education and resources to 20 counties in rural West Tennessee. This mission is accomplished through community programs that provide prevention, detection, and management education for chronic diseases and related factors, specifically obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

  • Prevention

    Most chronic conditions are preventable through small, manageable lifestyle changes - specifically diet and exercise. Through education and outreach, GrowWell helps to provide resources to community members to help them get and stay healthy to prevent chronic conditions.

  • Self-Management

    Sometimes chronic conditions occur, but that doesn't mean that we can't still make the most of it. Through self-management, community members can learn best practices and key strategies to live their life and manage their conditions in the best way possible. Self-management classes and one-on-one education are provided throughout the 20 rural West TN counties.

  • Detection

    Many chronic conditions often do not have any symptoms until the condition has reached a severe level, limiting treatment options and reducing good outcomes. Through early detection, these conditions can be better managed and possibly reversed. GrowWell has many community screenings and events throughout rural West TN to provide opportunities for early disease detection and instruction for the management of those diseases.

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