About RN Health Education

Referrals for RN Health Education are received from Le Bonheur On The Move for children who have or are at risk for developing a chronic condition.


Registered Nurse Health Educators provide education about healthy living and make referrals to primary care or health specialists when needed.


Each child has 4-6 one-on-one health education sessions with an RN. These sessions take place at school and typically last 15-20 minutes each. Most children are seen by the RN Health Educator every other week, so the program takes approximately 2-3 months to complete.


The healthy lifestyle education each child receives is based on the principles of 85210:

At the end of each session, every child is encouraged to set a goal based on what they have learned and will report their progress to the Health Educator during the next session.


Hours of Sleep Each Night

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Servings of Fruits and Veggies

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Hours of Screen Time

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Hour of Exercise

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Statistics based on students completing the RN Health Education program during the 2016-2017 school year:

  • 72% reduced Body Mass Index (BMI) percentile – ratio of height to weight
  • 46% of students with high blood pressure decreased their BP to normal
  • 47% of students increased their fruit and vegetable consumption
  • 38% of students increased their physical activity

Participant Story

Ashley* participated in the health education program from January to May 2017. At the beginning of the program, she was considered obese (BMI 95.65%), had a high blood pressure reading, only ate 1-2 servings of fruits and vegetables daily and did not participate in regular exercise. As time went on and Ashley continued the health education program, she slowly started increasing her fruit and vegetable intake, her physical activity and her water intake. At the end of the program in May, Ashley was consuming 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily and discovered that she likes broccoli! Ashley had almost completely given up sugary drinks – replacing that with drinking water, and was more physically active on a regular basis. In addition to these behavior changes, Ashley’s blood pressure returned to normal for her age and she was now considered overweight, decreasing her BMI percentile from the obese category (BMI 91.63%). Throughout her time in the program, Ashley was very motivated and interested in learning about healthy living. It is evident that Ashley learned invaluable knowledge that she will carry with her throughout life, because she has a strong desire to continue making healthy choices and live a healthy lifestyle.

*Name has been changed to maintain patient confidentiality.

Meet the Staff

  • Kayley Jones, BSN, RN

    RN Health Educator


  • Tonya Polk, BSN, RN

    RN Clinical Case Coordinator


  • Nicole Newman

    Supervisor of Community Programs

    (731) 984-9953

  • Chelcie Oseni, MBA, BSN, RN

    Clinical Manager of School Health

    (731) 984-9950