About Care Navigation

Henry County Medical Center

Hospital-based care navigation is provided through a partnership with Henry County Medical Center to patients who discharge from their hospital.

Why Care Navigation?

If you have a chronic health condition, it can be harder to recover after leaving the hospital. The HCMC Care Navigator is dedicated to helping you make that transition back home through patient follow-up phone calls and serving as a liaison between you and your provider and healthcare team. If you are enrolled in the care navigation program, you will receive:

  • Automated phone calls to monitor health status
  • No answer or a change in health alerts the Care Navigator to call you and help you get needed services
  • Availability to contact the Care Navigator to discuss your medical condition or health-related issues


After 30 days, you will be automatically enrolled in the Chronic Disease Management Program which:

  • helps ensure you are able to get your medications
  • helps with transportation to and from appointments if needed
  • assists with referrals to specialists


“Care Navigation helped me not have to go back to the hospital”

Le Bonheur Behavioral Health Care Navigation

Le Bonheur Community Health’s Behavioral Health Care Navigation is a school-based program currently serving Haywood County, Dyer County, and Trenton Special Schools. The goal of this program is to identify the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of children, offer interventions to address needs in the home and school environments, and link children to appropriate community resources. Some of the program services include:

  • One-on-one counseling visits
  • Child and family home visits
  • Navigation to appropriate community resources and services
  • Collaboration with the child’s family and school personnel
  • Assist with making specialty health care appointmetns
  • Assist with insurance and public assistance enrollment
  • Facilitate transportation needs


Meet the Staff

  • CS

    Crystal Spellings, RN

    HCMC Care Navigator

    (731) 644-8282

  • Le Bonheur Community Health Counselor


  • Elizabeth Ceichan, MSW

    Le Bonheur Social Work Specialist